Interior and Exterior Demolition Service

Interior demolition is the non-structural demolishing of spaces within a structure usually in preparation for reuse and upgrading of the space.  Walls, ceilings, fixtures, HVAC, and flooring of any kind – we remove it all. We can demolish any building, no matter big or small. Skinner Demo takes down buildings and structures of all sizes, including factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, houses, garages, barns, small buildings, foundations, swimming pools and sheds. We are experts in interior and exterior demolition and have performed many projects throughout New England.

Residential Demolition

Our professional and fully insured team has over 25 years of experience undertaking residential demolition work and we pride ourselves on offering an efficient and friendly service. Skinner has extensive residential demolition experience, including the selective demolition of everything from small sheds, garages, and barns to single-family, multi-family, and high end residential properties.

Commercial Demolition

Working with a wide-range of commercial clients, SKINNER is renowned for completing demolition projects in a safe, professional and timely manner. Previous projects have involved both small and large retail spaces, warehouses, big box stores, and corporate offices. Our repeat customers have come to recognize that they will be provided with thorough service throughout the entirety of their projects. We know that as a commercial customer your main concerns are reliability, efficiency and safety. By choosing Skinner Demo you can be confident that you’ll be receiving high quality service.

Selective Demolition

This process is used to dismantle specific equipment or portions of a structure without affecting the remaining building in any way. Selective demolition can be done on everything from small residential units to large-scale commercial buildings. We specialize in selective demolition in homes, commercial, and office buildings, allowing for the least possible interruption of your daily activities and operations.